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Marina Del Rey Anglers members are very involved in protecting the environment and being good stewards of the wildlife we love so much.  We were early adopters of Catch and Release for marlin in the 1980's.  Our MDRA Marlin team tagged and released the first marlin in the prestigious HIBT in Kona. We have been sportsmen and conservationist in all sorts of ways. 

MDRA is an active members of the IGFA and our trophy program rewards light line fishing.  We also offer awards for catch and release of many species.  


Learning about the "Fry of the Year" and the baby fish in our coastal waters is often an topic of our speakers at our monthly meetings.  We have has scientists and CCA members come and speak at our meetings.  
Do you know how important that eelgrass and seaweed in the waves is to next years' baby fish?  Very!  That is where bass and other fish's eggs must tumble for a while before gestating into an actual swimming fish. 

Contact the MDRA Board if you want to suggest a speaker for a future meeting.

Learning more fishing skills 

You may enjoy finding out about anew bit of tackle.  Testing your knots' strength.  All sorts of new tidbits are shared at the MDRA members meetings.  Normally the club meetings are at Burton Chase Park on the Second Thursday of the month.

The meetings are on hold for now due to the COVID-19 shutdown.  But you can still go fishing with your close family group.  Or contact the landing.


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