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Weight Slip Download and Club Records

Click here to download a Weight Slip to report your catch!
Your Weight Slip submission does not need to be a Club record. Prior year catch records are recognized at the annual Awards dinner held at the beginning of each year.
Albacore Bob Godfrey 20 25.5 2009
Barracuda Keith Lambert 30 7.5 2011
Calico Bass Stephen Bohrer 20 7.09 2020
Cal. Halibut Paul Thompson 30 45 2011
Dorado Stephen Bohrer 20 24 2016
Ling Cod Jeff Compton 25 25 2016
Mako John Smith 130 632 1998
Marlin, Striped Joan Godfrey 50 137 1994
Spiny Lobster Compton/Thompson Hoop Net 11.66 2017
Swordfish Carl Lambert 50 165 2008
Tuna, BF Joshua Gerson 130 284 2022
Tuna, YF Stephen Bohrer 25 78 2016
Wahoo Vic Jedlicka 30 56 2015
White Seabass Jeff Compton 25 60.4 2022
Yellowtail Jeff Compton 25 40.7 2020


Your Membership in MDRA gets you a chance to win honors.

Join the club, Go Fishing, Catch a big one, Submit a weight slip...  Bingo become famous!
Well sort of famous among us fishing addicted anglers of MDRA. 

We have monthly and annual and Biggest and first flag awards that we offer the dedicated fisherman.
When posting your photos of quality catches on the web use the hashtag #MDRAnglers so we can find them.

Good luck and tight lines. 
Marina del Rey Annglers

We enable your fishing addiction.

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